FDH believes in dignity, justice, standard livelihood, capacity building and improved social wellbeing of people with disabilities, youth, children and the community at large

Who We Are

Foundation for disabilities hope organization came by the time when activists saw different challenges that people with disabilities faced in the society. The organization was founded by youth’s activists in 2016 where people with disabilities faced various challenges like killing of people with albinism, discriminated in education by parents, infrastructures were not favorable and others within the society. And these challenges were hardly solved within the society along with the unawareness of the society about disability and people with disability.

By the year of 2016 many people with Albinism were inhumanly treated and brutally killed as they were seen as not same as other human being due to bad believes. Activists saw that there is a need to start educating and sensitize people, by walking house by house making sure that people are aware about albinism and what happened that they have such kind of skin and to make them know that they are the same as other human being and their skin is just because of the genetic makeup. As well to educate them about other people with disabilities. Because of inhumane action to the disabled people activists thus saw the needy of joining the efforts of the government and other international and nation agencies and introduce the organization to help disabled people, youths and children to overcome all the inhumanity, discrimination, violence and keep their rights since we are all the same and equal to all human rights.

The key to life is not just accumulation but contribution

The universal law says "the more give the more you get"


FDH is loyal believer in a very strong and efficient service delivery in the fields of health, education and environment. FDH management has always delivered services in the communities in a transparent manner taking care of quantity and quality

Launching of Wisdom Dispensary for PWAs clinic

On September, 2019 FOUNDATION FOR DISABILIETS HOPE in cooperation with other health sector stakeholders including the government facilitated the launching of Wisdom Dispensary at Nzuguni area, Dodoma City Council for health treatment to people with albinism attending clinic and access sun skin lotion and education on how to protect themselves from skin cancer.

The empowerment campaign on skin cancer protection to PWAs

The organization implemented empowerment campaign on skin cancer protection to people with albinism and awarded treatment reagents to 300 persons with disabilities, 150 in Dodoma, 100 in Mwanza and 50 in Simiyu. The campaign went with education awareness raising on stigma eradication and negative attitude discouraging upon people with albinism.

Radio Program

From January 2019 to date, FOUNDATION FOR DISABILIETS HOPE has been in partnering with Dodoma FM radio station in the offered airtime to disseminate education upon people with disabilities in the community by the agreed airtime. This has changed mindset to the entire region to the residents of Dodoma. People with disabilities are now employed in the public and private sectors.

Legal aid and Education to PWAs and PWDs

The organization through its legal unit is providing free legal aid and education to PWAs, PWDs and vulnerable and marginalized victims of society particularly to women and children.

Health reagents support

FDH continued supporting health reagents such hats, pairs of spectacles, and lip gross for the well-being to people with albinism in Dodoma, Mwanza and Simiyu.

Education Programs

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Community awareness about Albinism Program

FOUNDATION FOR DISABILIETS HOPE has achieved to provide awareness about albinism on various institutions. The organization has implemented projects in Dodoma City Council. FDH has successfully implemented this project to over 10 religious institutions i.e. churches in Dodoma City Council and Chamwino District and the counting is on.

The main purpose of giving awareness in religious institution is that these are the areas where we can meet people of all ages including youths, adults, elders and children.


This is a campaign to sensitize the eradication of killings of people with disabilities. The campaign goal is to meet with witch doctors and educate them since they have been linked with various events concerning the death of people with albinism due to superstition beliefs.

About 500 witch doctors met in the lake zone (Mwanza, Mara, Shiyanga and Tabora) on this campaign. On this campaign the lake zone regions were given priority since big numbers of deaths of people with albinism were reported from the regions.


With the good cooperation from government, the campaign enabled 66 children with albinism and other different disabilities to be supported with National Health Insurance Fund on March 2019 from fundraising Money.

But also the campaign facilitated and Supported 100 People with disabilities sight problems on medical treatment and given them pairs of spectacles.

Sign language training program

The organization facilitated training seminars of sign language in order to enable service providers communicate with their consumers who have disabilities. This project has been implemented twice involving employers and employees from various government and non-government institutions including 50 students taking different courses at Vocational Education Training Authority institution here in Dodoma.

The institutions include banks, hospitals, schools and colleges. Through these seminars the organization also has been keeping to insist the owners and employers to ensure that their working areas can encompass both people including those with special needy


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